How tall are you?

  • 4'11 or less
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  • 5'0-5'3
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  • 5'4-5'6
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  • 5'7-5'9
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  • 5'10-6'0
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  • 6'1-6'4
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  • 6'4+
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Most Helpful Guy

  • 3mm.


Most Helpful Girl

  • So tall. Like, very tall. Like... can touch the top of a door frame without effort tall.

    Can dunk a basketball without having to even jump.
    Can reach something in the back of a cupboard in the kitchen.
    Bump my head on the shower head in the shower.
    Have to bend at the waist just to hear what little kids are saying.
    Have to shop at a Big & Tall.
    Ducking is required when walking up/down stairs with sloped ceilings.
    Can't have ceiling fans in my house because I'm so tall.

    I'm 5'1".


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