Should I Cease Communication With A Classmate?

Okay, so, to start I'm already in a 6 year long distance engagement. I may receive flak for what follows. This is our second run of the visa petition we're doing. She messed it up the first time and cheated on me. I forgave her and we are back together. BUT she said something recently that made me feel she may do it again. So after that, I started to grow feelings for another chick in class. A lovely Chinese woman, hella gorgeous and cute, an artist wanting to work in the field of game design. She beared everything I saw in my partner years ago when we first met, in this chick. My feelings are obviously one sided. I didn't pressure or show them. I wore my ring everyday as well and didn't hide it. I did my best to ensure im just a friendly dude. I opted to help her with homework because I knew the subject matter just as well as the instructor and she seemed a bit shy and no one else approached her. On top of that, I'm shy to her myself. We barely talk in class and she runs out super quick after class is over. When we did talk she would always smile and get super close to me. After class, I text. I never said anything out of the ordinary, just simple conversation topics like what you do for fun and stuff like that. Lately or our last messages consisted with her worried about forgetting something in class and I reassured her she didn't. The whole way she addressed the situation was cute. And it really was so I told her, "So cute. Take care and have a great night." I noticed in class she doesn't smile at me anymore and I get a blank stare whenever I see her in the hallway. So awkward. This story is so confusing. In my heart, I already threw out my feelings for her and saw more reason to love my lady even more than I already do. I only see this other gal as a person I want as a friend now. I never opened up about my feels until now. It's so fucking weird. Should I cease communication with this chick altogether or still just be a willing friend?


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  • Yes, if you have feelings for her and you're engaged, it's best to stop talking to her before it develops into love.

  • You tried to spend time with and get to know this girl you need to decide what you want either you want to get married or you don't


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