Help dealing with a friends suicide?

Sadly today my mate has passed away. We used to be good friends but we didn't see each other much in the past couple of years, we developed different interests and he developed some sort of mental illness, I should have made more time to see him and I regret not doing so, but please I don't need a lecture. His sister texted me today the news and I honestly didn't know what to say I just said sorry about the loss and that I was shocked. What should I say to her or the family? I don't really know what to say or do as I have never been in this situation before, in how long will the funeral most likely be?


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  • that is all you can do is show your condolences. there is nothing much you can do other than attend the funeral. you can't blame yourself though for not seeing him much, people fall apart. it sucks but it happens. sometimes when people become depressed and suicidal it's very hard to change their train of thought. keep the good memories in your heart and try not to blame yourself because you didn't see much of him. sometimes there is nothing we can do. we are not superhuman

    • Thanks, I'm still in complete shock by it. I can't eventremember the last time I cried. I'm going to try remember the good things.

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Just try to help out and be there for his family.

  • **Moment of silence** 🙏


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