Do you NEED to do an internship to start work full-time?

I don't have a full-time job. I've already graduated.

I do wonder if it's mandatory to do an internship or I can just start work full-time


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  • In most cases you do

    • But I already graduated..

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  • I don't live in the US but from all the things i've read even about here in the UK college and uni courses never quite teach you everything you need to know about a job and may be quite a bit behind in the training you actually really need, sorry to tell you this but that's just how it goes these days, college and uni always sell everybody short even if it's right for you, you can go for a full time job and use what you have learned but i would ask what skills is required for the job and mayne they will be willing to catch you up if you haven't learned 1 or 2 things they need for the job, more and more companies offer training these days to make sure their employees are caught up especially when it concerns technology. You don't need to do an internship though if you go come against this problem just express how colelge/uni do tend to sell people short in the training they give people which is no fault of anyone's so any skills required you don't have you are willing to learn to do the job.