Don't you get upset when people say people that commit suicide, attempt it, or have thoughts of it are,''selfish''?

I have thoughts of it all the time and no it does not make me selfish. There are only two people in this world that care for me. My immediate and extended family and everyone else doesn't care for me and treats me horribly. Most people who say people who commit suicide are selfish lack compassion for what the person is feeling and doesn't know how the person feels. Also people who commit suicide, attempts it, or have thoughts of it aren't ''crazy.'' If you were dealing with the stuff they were dealing with it, you would probably be the same way.


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  • I do get somewhat upset sometimes when someone unbudgingly views it as selfish. In some cases, the act may actually be a selfish act-- but you know what? So what if it is? Maybe they're actually thinking about themselves and doing this for themselves for once-- what about while they were here, struggling every day to stay alive for whatever reason, for those they care about or whatever-- nobody takes that into consideration. Other cases, some people do understand the impact and how it'll make certain people feel, and it kills them, but there's a fuck lot of other unbearable, painful, intense feelings. It's selfish of other people to try to keep someone in pain, as well. There's really no justifying either side, I guess. I just wish people were more understanding about the topic. What you can handle doesn't mean everyone can handle. We were all brought up differently, we all live differently, we're all different people. At the end of the day, these people in pain just want to be normal, stable, happy.

    • And what gets me upset as well is when they don't believe you when they say your immediate and extended family doesn't care for you. Not everyone has immediate and extended family that cares for them. Only two people care for me and they are not any immediate or extended family member.

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    • I never did say a lot. Just that I don't associate myself with anyone negative. I'm glad you have a few people, though.

    • Alright I get you now. Many people always say ''you meet a lot of nice people in college and university when you leave High School''. It is so common. When in fact most people in college and university are assholes too. And I also hear people say how it is mostly the young people that are assholes but like we said it is most people in general that are assholes not just young people. Also I am tired of the double standards against men in society (specifically straight men). Most of the time as soon as a male complains about someone treating them bad verbally, like not saying nice things to them, most people lose full respect for him. Like they could still respect him but not fully respect him after something like that. It is like they don't take him seriously and view him as a ''wussy.'' They only now have a little respect for him.

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  • This sounds very weak minded. I know how when a person feels isolated and it seems as if the world is against you that suicide could seem like a good option, but it's not and it never will be. It's quitting. The ultimate quitting. They don't say "when the going gets though, the tough get going" for no reason! If the whole world is against you then FIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD. NEVER STOP FIGHTING. I think that committing the act of suicide without seeking help is very selfish, there are always people willing to help! ALWAYS! NO ONE should ever feel the need to kill themselves for any reason, and if you find yourself sinking into that pit then REACH OUT! I and many other will always be there to help if we can!

    • I sought help, it didn't work. I take depression medication. It only helped a tiny little bit.

    • @steven7890789 Im sorry that what you looked for didn't help but everyone always has different solutions, when i feel down i like to help others by doing charity work. If you ever feel worthless nothing will turn that around faster than the look of gratitude when you help someone in need. Even though that helps you have to look within to solve this problem. You can literally do anything you want to, it just takes the will. You may feel alone in your struggle but you definitely aren't there are probably many people walking in your shoes or right along next to you. Take the friends you have and hold them close. Nothing stays horrible forever.


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  • NO. I don't. But I do understand that people that do it probably weren't thinking clearly, and therefor not CONSCIOUSLY being selfish.

    But it still is. It happened to a very good friend of mine. Her dad did it. It ripped her to shreds and completely fucked her family over, so yeah.

    I felt bad for whatever his pain was, but more for her and the rest of his family that he left to clean up the mess.

    • You obviously have never been severely depressed. So you won't understand.

    • That's probably true. I can't imagine the pain that they're in.

      But that doesn't change my answer, as I wrote about my personal experince with the aftermath seeing what happened to my best friend and her family. ,✌

  • Yes, I do.
    No one commits suicide because they want to. People kill themselves because they are desperate, they are hopeless, they are in pain. They feel like there's nothing else they can do.
    Nobody knows what they're going through. How hard their life is.
    So, saying that they are selfish seems unfair to me.

  • Let me give you an example. My mom is my whole world. She is the only one who truly loves me and we are best friends and I couldnt live without her. I have told her so many times that when I am suicidal she is the only one keeping me alive. She tried to kill herself, among other things. This tells me she doesn't care about me and doesn't want to be my mother when she does this. Suicide can be extremely selfish, and most of the time, is.

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    • Even if the person doesn't have a mental illness it is still understandable if they commit suicide, try it, or think about it.

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    • Because there are some people that say''good for you.'' when annoyed about what someone says to them, like they don't give a shit. I am glad that wasn't the case with you.

    • Oh no, of course not! I'll be more careful when I say that lol (the internet has no tone so it makes things harder)

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  • It can definitely be selfish, but it is always cowardly.

    • You didn't even read the details, did you?

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    • @skylergreen I try to make new friends but most people are assholes and it hard to find good people.

    • That's quite a generalized statement, don't you think? It can, yes, be a challenge to find people whom you share many common interests with and are generally good people, but not impossible. I'm going to sign off by saying, if you don't like something in your life, do something about it. if you a re truly as depressed as you say, to the point of havin suicidal thoughts, it is in your power to have more than "ONLY two people care about you". It might be difficult to meet new people, not even close to impossible though. Seriously. Wallowing isn't going to do anything to benefit you. Get out there, make friends.
      Even set a goal for yourself at work or something, give yourself a purpose and something to look forward to. Good luck man

  • Stop bitching about your life and do something about it.

    • Clearly haven't been in certain people's shoes I see.

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    • So that is a justifiable reason to take your own life?

    • I think so. How would you feel if your family and immediate family and everyone else treated you like shit or ignored you or both and only two people treated you fine and cared for you?

  • honestly I just think it is weak. the only people I think have a right to do it is someone with a terminal illness or something, where there is no hope of getting better only worse. if your just feeling depressed get over it

    • did you even read my details?

    • and? are you wanting sympathy from strangers or something?

    • Did I say I want sympathy? I am just saying if you read my details you understand my reasons are good reason, but of course you wouldn't understand, must have immediate and extended family that care and many other people that care for you and treat you fine. How lovely.

  • I think it is very selfish.

    • You clearly never been suicidal.

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    • How is it selfish if only two people care for me?

    • Fool. You clearly haven't read the details

  • I don't think it's selfish, I just think it makes you a pussy.

    • You probably would be a ''pussy'' too if you dealt with the same stuff

    • My best friend died 3 weeks ago after fighting cancer for 8 years. He was 20 years old.

      We all have our crosses to bear.