Questions for those who does weed?

Does it help relieves your stress? Do you bring them to work sometimes when work is stressing you out? And do you use them everytime before you have sex? Like whether with a hook up, friend, or your partner. My partner brought them to wrk the first time ever and im curious about it, he received a voicemail from a woman. Maybe he could be cheating or im just overthinking?


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  • Doing weed is very dangerous. I had a friend once who overdosed because he did three weeds instead of the recommended one. I'd suggest you stay away or else you'll get addicted and next thing you'll know doing weed will lead to smoking alcohol.

    • I dont do weed, but my husband does. Just curious that he might be cheating.


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  • weed makes you overthink

    • I dont do weed, but my spouse does.

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