Will you pray for my cat?

She went from home at 3 pm and now its almost midnight. She never walked that long.
Please guys, pray for my cat that she will be back home by morning.

She is young white cat.

please guys


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  • I just Now Saw this Sad News, @ivanpetrovich, and Yes.. I Say I will Pray Today.
    However, if it has Never Occurred before here, dear, maybe if she is Not Spayed, she could be in Heat right now and has Found a Male friend even. And something could have Gotten her attention... Many reasons Come to My Mind.
    Cats in the Nice weather sometimes Find a Reason of their own Season to Stay out Longer than Normal. Don't Fret just Yet until you Find cause. In the meantime, as I Write you, Go out and Call for her and try and Hunt her down.
    Good luck and Please, keep us Posted.. I Care and love Cats. xx

    • Something may have scared her so she is Hiding or up a tree, but will be back if she can believe me. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, and hoping kitty is back. xx

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  • Go find her.
    Praying for her won't help.
    You can just hope for the best.
    Ask you neighbors.
    Call animal control.
    Set up flyers.

  • The poor cat :(
    She will be in my prayers

  • omg I am so sorry I wish her the best she will be in my prayers tonight :)

  • Hope that pussy comes back


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