Mixed people, which side you more tend to consider yourself to be?

I'm half French and half Chinese. My mom is French, I most look like my mom. I also feel more accepted or average in France. And I'm not attracted to Asian women.

So I consider myself to be European than Chinese.
Am I lame or white wannabe?

This is what I look like other than the skin color, I look paler than him.Mixed people, which side you more tend to consider yourself to be?


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  • I'm half Cuban and half Irish. I've always been the more Cuban looking one of my siblings. I got the thick dark coarse textured hair, I'm short, skin is a bit darker, my brothers all have blue eyes and I have greenish eyes, etc. but anyway I consider myself a white Hispanic because I'm not 100% of either. Although I do like the Cuban culture a lot better, that side of the family isn't getting along well at the moment. Haven't been able to see them and I miss it. As a person I think I'm more Cuban because I just feel comfortable with that side more and have since I can remember. Cuban food, at my abuelas house, spending Christmas there, And I'de make friends easy at those gatherings. Real good friends. At my dads side- I feel different and like nobody wants to talk to me "yeah you look more like your mother" and the kids my age kinda avoid really talking to me. Idky that is I really dont. I like Cuban culture with an exception to a few things :/ I love both sides though.

    • Thank you for mho 😄


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  • You're both and should take pride in both. I'm Puerto Rican and Jamaican, I absolutely refused to be boxed into one category. The truth is I'm not one thing I am both and I take Pride in both. I shouldn't be stripped of my identity because of non mixed people's ignorance and neither should you. Learn to love yourself because denying one half is never going to change the fact that it's there.

  • I am a mix of Chinese, Hispanic and Filipino. But since I am mainly Asian, I consider myself as Asian

  • Si vous resemblez cet homme vous etes plus comme un francais. Il y a des chines-francais en France, c'est normal, pas probleme. Aux Etas-Unis il y a beaucoup des personnes avec deux ou plus d'origines.


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