Why only me, has to change a laptop every year?

Please tell me I’m not alone. Every year I have to change laptop because the one that I have gets destroyed. Halfway during the year it starts to get stuck or even shut down on its own, till it goes out of order at the end of the year. I have heard about people who own a laptop for 5-6 years, or even a whole decade.

So, why me?


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  • I've had this laptop since 2007. its fucked beyond belief and has keys missing, no battery, over heats, randomly turns off and doesn't recognise any usb input. Its been on 2 tours of afghan and has survived countless drunken nights and spilled drinks. Hell, i put it in the airing cupboard last week to dry it out after it had a whole pint of beer spilled on it.

    i'll miss this pile of junk when it finally dies.


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  • What do you do to your laptop's? They are not supposed to break down like this in less than year. Take better care of them.