I'm scared to go to some of my classes? help please?

i am not the most outgoing person in the word, im shy, and in some classes where i have to get up and really do something none of my friends are in them, like pe and german class (i have to present in there). in my pe class its mostly filled with sophmores and seniors, there's only another person in my grade in there thats really not the nicest person, there's also a really judgmental senior who calls me things like ugly, and on top of that, they all have someone to talk to and i dont. i have to deal with it every day for about 42 minutes and its really stressing me out i think its too late for a schedule change


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  • It WILL make you less shy.
    Take a class like yearbook or something where you HAVE to talk to randoms.


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  • If it makes you that uncomfortable, you should see about a schedule change. If that's not possible, and forgive me for saying this, push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and talk to your classmates. You'd be surprised.