When was the last time you were so excited that you couldn't sleep and for what reason?


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  • The last time I couldn't sleep was back in March and it was because me and my significant other were about to head out on a trip to Europe and we just could not want to get on the plane and get going. We knew the flight was going to be long; at least 10 hours in flight and we weren't looking forward to that, but at least we were traveling on a plane with sleepers and we'd booked airflight for that so we could at least stretch out and nap during the trip and didn't have to be sitting upright the entire time.

  • Last Saturday. We had just been to the Canadian National Exhibition and had spent the day going on rides, visiting the farm animals, and eating junk food.

    Could not get our brains to switch off after all that stimulation even though we were physically exhausted.

  • now, movie he is dragon


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