Am I at fault in this driving situation?

So I was going to go pick up my friend for school this morning and when I turned on his street there were these two ladies with their dogs on someone's front lawn. The speed limit was 25, but I was going about 20. As I was driving by them one of their dogs dashed out into the middle of the road. I slammed on my brakes as one of the ladies yelled "no!". Lucky, I didn't hit the dog and the dog ran back to his owner, but the two ladies game me mean looks like I was at fault. Do you guys think that I'm at fault in this situation because I don't think so at all.


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  • No, you weren't at fault at all. It's the owner's responsibility to keep their dog out of the street. That doesn't mean a driver shouldn't try to avoid hitting a dog or cat; he definitely should if it's safe to do so. But you were driving safely.


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  • No, you're not at fault.

    Emotions can present themselves in strange ways.


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