Why is Jay Z so popular?

He had "Can I Get A..." and from that went to calling himself "Best Rapper Alive."

Did I miss something?

His label launched the careers of Kanye West and Rihanna, who I think were both more popular than him.


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  • You just said it. he's a good rapper and he has is own label.

  • He's good, his older stuff is better. I think personally think Nas is a better rapper.

    • Nas was never popular to the masses. Many people wouldn't know him if they saw him. Jay Z is worldwide famous and has the "hottest chick in the game wearing his chain." But I don't remember the songs that made him popular. It had to be more than the "Hard Knock Life Vol. 2" album.

    • no you're right, Nas doesn't have the world audience Jay has. His Reasonable Doubt album is almost required listening if you're from one of New Yorks Boroughs.

      That stupid "Shizzle my my nizzle..." was huge for him. Also, big pimpin.

    • You're right!

      Big Pimpin' was probably one of the top hip hop songs of all time.

  • I actually like his music. Didn't grow up on him