Thick eyebrows?

I'm not going to show a picture of myself BC I don't really trust but, I believe I have a good looking face but my eyebrows are the only issue lmfao. I can't do my eyebrows and I've looked up tutorials but they just end up making look like Satan lmao 😂 do you think ovals go with thick brows? I have this oil that can grow out hairs and stuff and it worked on my mom, so I'm planning to grow my brows out fully CUS I heard bold eyebrows make you look attractive and youthful.

(P. s: I believe I'm an oval face and you may think brows aren't that important but I believe it is because I think it'll make me a bit more confident and it 'frames your face')

so should I or should I not? Do you think it'll look good on my type of face?


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  • Once they are neat they are okay


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  • The full brow look is just a fad we're going through atm. Generally, the perfect brow for women is in between - the shape and size Benefit cosmetics are known for. It looks much better when brows are cleaned up too. I wouldn't grow them out unless they look super thin.

    • can I show you a pic of my natural brows?

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    • Thanks a bunch girl

    • Sure thing. If your mum owns a salon she should definitely be able to give you perfect brows. :)


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  • Your eyebrows are fine just the way they are. Stop overthinking about them

    • I overthink too much ig

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  • you could keep trying different methods or applicators...
    or just b happy with what u have :)
    maybe go get them done (shaped) and you will feel more comfortable about them

  • As long as your eyebrows are neat they are okay. Seriously no guy has ever thought "damn see has great eyebrows".

    What's wrong with normal brows? Thick eyebrows are a loth of maintenance. You know how many girls would be so happy to have normal eyebrows, not have to trim them so they don't look bushy or have them threaded or wax monthly to have a great shape.

    Regular brows never go out of fashion. You don't want grow your eyebrows out with oil for big brows to be no longer in vogue.

    • Well, eyebrows get a lot of attention and I feel like I'll be more 'attractive' if they get thick, but thanks for your advice, maybe you're right ig

    • Trust me no guy will think a girl will a look better with thick eyebrows. Some guys find the thick brows (think Lily Collins) is a bit too much. When I was a teen ultra thin brows were in, it's just fad. Super filled eyebrows only look go people with sparse brows or heavily edited instahoes.

      Don't let the media make you feel insecure about ridiculous things that no one really cares about like thigh gaps.

    • You're right, I guess it's just a trend people like me want to follow, I'm not doing it BC it's a trend, I just think it would make me feel a little better about myself, but thank you

  • Some girls can look good with thick eyebrows. I have them, and I don't think they're too bad. I do wish I could clean 'em up some more, but the area swells so bad anytime I pluck them, hah. That being said, I feel your pain.

  • grow them out then find a model with the eyebrows you like and go to a saloon to get them shaped 😊