Black Friend Offended that I think Black Lives Matter is Racist but Refers to White people as Stupid?

For example, she states that there is a mainstream prolithic unjustified mass attack on black people. Police Brutality having no relation to black people naturally being more likely to interact with police or go on riots in black communities

I said there are bad police but there is no mass agenda against black people. Black people are more likely to act like victims but cause a lot of racism, black communities don't improve because they victim blame others and advocate violence as a resolution

She equally likes to bring up anything a white person does referring it to "white people shit" when someone does a silly incident, i just respond saying. That's how inventions are discovered, so consider it a good thing to go on journeys of discovery like that.

was i unjustified


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  • Bro I'm just going to give you something to think on. After you've sincerely thought about it you get back to me

    Black Lives Matter is catagorized as a political movement.

    White Lives Matter is a catagorized as a hate group.

    Now you go think on that and how it applies to your situation.


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  • It's called being booty hurt

    • Yeah, i just wish any discususion wouldn't be surrounded by branding the other person as racist for disagreeing with them. Thanks for your answer

    • Any group helping one race is racist

    • agreed +1

  • It's funny how you refer to what a white person does as"silly" little indiscretion..


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  • If you're white then they probably aren't really your friend. Friends are able to see from other perspectives and at least try to sympathise with each other

  • Quibbling nonsense.

  • The colored folk matter movement will extinguish itself.