How do you start talking to someone over facebook without looking creepy?

I want to start talking with this girl I've never spoke to before but the only way I have to contact her is through Facebook. How do I message her without looking creepy? It would seem a little weird if someone you never spoke to before just randomly messaged you through facebook


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  • I'm going to be honest here with you. You just have to take the plunge. I would personally start with poking her and maybe that will lead to even more poking, if ya know what I mean ;).


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  • You can't, and if you try she'll probably rightly block you. If the only contact you have with her is facebook how did you meet her in the first place because if she's just someone you found online that IS creepy and if you have seen her before offline why can't you put yourself in a situation to run into her again and start a conversation?