Should I just come home with a dog one day?

So I have wanted a dog my whole life. I always had this image in my head of me doing some kind of work on the couch and it just hangs out by me or, me driving with it or playing fetch. Training it really well so it doesn't even need a leash. Basically just having a sidekick dog.

Well now my stepmom is talking about getting a dog and at first I was really excited but she want's a dog that I'm not crazy about and she's gonna want to do all girly shit with it. She literally wants to get a brown little dog and name it Coco Chanel (if your a guy, look up Chanel)

I'm getting really depressed thinking about it. She never really wanted a dog and I wanted one forever and I certainly don't want one because I want to make a stupid joke. Plus, I want to take care of it. And if it's not mine, how can I decide what it's gonna eat where and when I'm gonna take it out. It won't be up to me.

So I'm thinking about just getting my own dog before she can find the one she wants. I don't want a huge dog that sheds and barks. We want similar stuff. I'd like a collie or a Canaan and wouldn't mind a Coca-poo (what she wants)

So SHould I just come home with a dog or sit back and let this happen?

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  • What about your dad?


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  • You need to adopt. Don't buy a puppy, adopt a puppy. Go to your local shelter and get the first one that makes eye contact with you.