Is there any music that makes you remember of past/recent past?

I'm not very much of a music listener (no special reason), but two weeks ago I went to a birthday party and there was a music playing there that didn't get out of my head.

I just kept singing it and then my brother joked with me saying: "Wow, that thing with [name of the girl] really affected you". I laughed, but then I paid attention to the lyrics and it kinda makes me remember what happened, even though it's not very accurate.

It's in Portuguese, so I'll translate it below in case you wanna listen to it xD. The metaphor of the music is really good.

"This is an old story of a flower and a hummingbird that met love in cold autumn night
And the leaves fallen on the ground of the season that has no color
And the flower meets the hummingbird and he shows her love, and says that the cold is just a bad phase, that she's the most beautiful flower of the garden, the only one that could stand, she deserves to know love and all its heat.

Oh, I miss the hummingbird so much, who kissed me and flew away
Too far away, far away from us
I miss the hummingbird so much, memories of an old love
And the day dawned so beautiful, I sleep and wake up smiling"

What about you? Any music that makes you remember of your past/recent past?


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  • Yes, I do have songs that remind me of things that happened in my life, both recent and old memories.


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  • That song stressed out. It has been played to shit and isn't an amazing song to begin with but it does remind me of when I was young


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  • I can't listen to anything by YELLOWCARD, because it was what my X and I always listened to - and I can't listen to any pierce the veil, because that was what my crush liked before he broke my heart.

  • Some of them do

  • any spice girl music lol


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