How do I make my iPhone start again?

Just recently, when I turned on my iPhone a flickering grey screen came on. It wouldn't let me access my home screen so I googled some solutions. The term used to describe this grey screen problem is 'the grey screen of death' I believe, one of the solutions was to activate DFU mode. I tried doing that, but ended up killing my phone. It suddenly shut down, now I cannot turn it back on. I tried pressing the power and the home button for a minute, it didn't work. I tried using the volume buttons, and quite a lot really. My phone still won't start. What can I do to make it start again?


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  • Take your battery out and put it back in the phone. Also make sure your phone can charge when plug in. I hope you can get your phone working again.

  • Wash your phone and it will be closed.


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