Can someone really blank out and not remember a detail of an event even years later?

Though now I'm an 18 year-old about to start college next month, I recently overheard a conversation of several family members mentioning about the day my father almost lost me; exactly 16 years ago.

I was about to have a similar fate as the kid that died getting run over by a big truck in ''Pet Sematary'' movie. My father gets me nearly at the last moment but till this day he doesn't recall that small detail of how exactly he got me. It was described by the relatives, that he seemed kind of pale afterwards, too scared to even get upset or react. He can't remember if he grab me by the shirt, elsewhere, pushing me aside, etc.


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  • I believe so.. When I was around 5 years old I had an awful experience... That I did not remember... Then when I was about 16 he came to my house and I saw his horrible ugly face!! And it all suddenly came back to me.. I remembered everything... A part of my life I never even knew existed.. It was disgusting and I couldn't stop crying... I realized if I didn't even know this happened to me it's because I had blacked it out somehow... And him showing up made it automatically unblock itself... Maybe if he never came back I would still not remember... I don't know..

    There are some sick people in this world.

  • Maybe