Girls, I've looked into the possibility that I might be transgender. Should I transition due to not being able to get and keep a girlfriend?

Is that a good reason to consider doing this in the future or should i work on improving my social skills and confidence over this to make myself more attractive to women?


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  • Your decision to transition should be about you and what makes you feel the most comfortable. It should never depend on your relationship status! No matter what your gender or sexual preference, your relationship status can change at any time. Don't ever base a seríous, life-changing decision on something so fluid. Be sure. Do what makes YOU happy; never what MIGHT be able to get you a girlfriend. Find happy, and the right person will come to you.


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  • Even if you wanted to transition you have to have 2 or 3 years of therapy to determine whether or not you genuinely want to transition. In order to transition you need a certificate or permission from the therapist to give the "ok" for transitioning - using medication that is.
    Other than that you should work on yourself and find out why your relationships dont work out, that is probably a better and less time consuming option

    • i see. I've already been in therapy trying to work on my issues and have always come back to me struggling with my gender identity. I still want ti transition. One therapist almost gave me permission to go on hormones 1 month ago but i dont have a job to pay for them. I am working on my relationship issues too in the mean time.

    • Awesome! Keep at it, and remember you can't convert back once you do transition. Like I said, you should work on yourself first for a while before you make a final decision.

    • I am working on myself with my therapist

  • i can't think of a more idiotic reason. How about you go get educated about what it means to be transgendered. It's not a trivial laughing matter like you're making it out to be and basically insulting to all transgendered people.

    • i was asking a serious question. Im seriously considering transitioning in the future. I've come to the conclusion that my issues with myself and women are rooter in me being in the wrong body and naturally view woman more as friends than potential romantic partners. I have done a lot of research on being transgender and transitioning.

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    • i know i have a lot of issues. My therapist thinks i have low confidence and past trauma that has to be let go before my life can improve. U agree with her?

    • I respect your feedback. However, i do believe a part of me is transgender as some of my trauma relates directly with feeling born in the wrong body and dealing with gender dysphoria. The other part wants to be a normal, straight guy. This inner conflict has left me confused about myself. The same counselor i mentioned that i know also believes i struggle with gender dysphoria some too. Transitioning might be necessary for me long term to be happy and comfortable with my body and self.

  • Please go see a therapist since you clearly need help.

    • I just need what most guys get, consistent sex and dates with girls who dont flake

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    • Well you die in 3 minutes without air
      3 days without water
      3 weeks without food

      How long exactly does it take a person to die without sex?

      Oh wait! That's not something you die without. Saying stupid shit like that is exactly why girls don't like you.

  • Oh hell no. You not getting girls is because you're doing something wrong. That's no reason to pay 100k when it's likely you'll still have the same problem. See a shrink.

    • I've been in therapy for a while and tired of everything, the job market, women, and even making friends. Everything is way too hard these days. I say women approach men and see what consistent rejection feels like from guys u want to date and then complain to me. The opposite sucks for men like me. Im not ugly and dont appreciate not gettin dates with attractive women when im attractive

    • Attractiveness doesn't matter all that matters is personality. And plenty of girl approach men and get rejected so there's some equality there. All that matters is your personality which tbh doesn't sound good because you sound too cocky. maybe that's why girls are rejecting you.

  • The only girls you are probably going to attract is lesbians. I know I wouldn't be with a transgender anything. But that is my preference.

  • Umm no definitely not. You may just be trying to get the wrong girl.

    • Im ready to give up. Women are mean these days and unapproachable. And they dont care how rejection affects men, they just want us to accept no and move without considering how no affects us men.

    • three little words my sweet, confidence and care less. It is 3/4 of a guys pick up skill set. Forget about the girls that missed an opportunity to get to know you. Giving up is the worst idea ever! you are only thirty by the way. In perfect prime.