Do I have a models bone structure?


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  • You have nice cheekbones and cheek hollows, yeah.

    Of course, this depends on exactly what kind of modeling you're talking about... editorial? catalog? runway? commercial print? etc...
    Different kinds of modeling call for different looks. Also, yr height and build will definitely play a limiting role in the kinds of work you can get (men who do runway tend to be at least 6'3", for instance, and rail-thin; men who do catalog/commercial modeling are usually between 5'11" and 6'2"; etc).

    In any case -- LOTS of the top NYC and LA modeling agencies actually take applications and photos directly online now. A lot of them don't even want professional photos (literally, random iPhone shots are fine... and are even what some of the agencies specifically WANT).
    Do some research, figure out which agencies place for the kind of work you'd want to do, and then just send yr pictures in and see how you do!

    Depending on yr age -- and the kind of work you want to do -- you might already be a bit "old". Top agencies don't usually take on new male models for editorial or runway after age 19-20, or for catalog/commercial after age 23-24. So, depending on exactly where you are in that 18-24 age band... time might be tickin'.

    Good luck.

    • I'm 20, 6,3 and with a layer of muscle but not to much, since you seem to know a lot, what do you think I'm most fit for?

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    • You're welcome.

    • Tx for the MHLuv <3

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  • Yes, you do.

  • yeah, your face structure is AMAZING, wtf plus 6'3'', slayer