How do I mention it to my family that I want to get my mole on my face removed?

I am extremely insecure about my mole. It's very obvious and I want to get it removed.
I hate bringing up my mole. it makes me cringe. Some of y'all might say "you don't have to tell anyone" but I would feel way more comfortable letting me family know rather than just going and getting it removed.

I have never ever mentioned it or talked about my mole so I want the conversation to go naturally.


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  • Just openly bring it up come up with a plan maybe offer to get a job and help pay for the operation. But depending on the location some times guys/gals find moles attractive.(Not that I am trying to convince you not to do it. Just a little extra info/fun fact.)


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  • Just get it removed and see if they notice. Then be all like, "I had a mole? When did this happen?" And act like you don't know what they are talking about.

    • It's pretty obvious and on my forehead! Plus I'll be getting stitches, so I don't want to go through the process without my family and sisters knowing

  • Just tell them you hate it and get it removed.


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  • i know you said you want to tell them, but honestly i dont see why. it just seems to be adding undue stress. but if its very important then just tell them. just like you told us. no pomp :)