What to do if you are too nervous to initiate a conversation over text?

Sometimes i get too nervous to start a conversation with someone and then we eventually fall out of contact.

I get sweaty hands and all, i can't sit still and if i force myself to start a conversation anyway while nervous i mess it up by being stupid and then the person i talk to stops replying and then i feel so bad about myself.

Im sick of it. How do i fix this?


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  • Start to have real, in person conversations it'll greatly help you get over your paralyzing shyness.

    • i have no problem talking to people in real life, its just texting. if i can see their faces its just way easier talking to them.

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    • We do when we have something to say to someone. That's why it helps if you've spoken in person how hard are one of these?
      Like "how've you been since I last saw you?" SEND.
      "how was your day?" SEND.
      "what are you up to tonight?" SEND
      or "I'm going to be in your neck of the woods this week, get a drink?" SEND.

    • il think about it.

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  • first-be the FIRST one to stop texting... leave them wanting more and you'll also avoid feeling how you do when THEY stop texting.

    2nd-dont be so serious about it, fuck it, who cares... that should be your attitude and that attitude WILL cut down on what happens and have a positive cycle instead of the negative one you have right now...

    3rd-just treat texting like a stop n chat, like you bumped into them. I'm a very good texter (they almost always text me first and last) and if i do initiate, it's no big deal "Sup girl!" and let it flow naturally...

    lastly - who cares how long it's been... I've texted women a month or so after not hearing from them and i dont even act like time has passed...

    the problem i run into is if you come on too strong, (ie she's your #1) then shift her into a lower spot-many women get a bit cold for a spell whenyou do this and take a few days of texting to get them back up to... happy texting lol


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  • Texting is NOT conversation. Force yourself to have a real conversation - in person! To prepare, read this:


    • Dude, they live 5000 km away from me, its just texting but it makes me so nervous.

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    • Did you read the myTake in the link I sent earlier?

    • im reading it right now.

  • Yeah i get nervous too lol but I mean I can't say what you should do because I'm the same way maybe you should try to throw out something that's easy to talk about like interesting movie or something then you can get into deep convos later on in the conversation.

  • Yeah you just gotta tell yourself, you're the mvp man, you've got it under control and nothing will go wrong, be yourself, witty assertive, sentimental and smart

  • Hope for something like her birthday so I have a reason to text her xD
    Or wait until she texts me

    • Then im gonna wait a long time man.

    • promotions, getting back a positive test, etc. are also reasons, just find any excuse