If girls want guys to be GUYS, then why can't guys want girls to be GIRLS?

im talking, behavior, fashion, etc...

I've seen all this crap about girls wanting men to be real men. well, how come men can't want women to be real women. double standard much?


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  • The girls you're referring to aren't "trying" to be men. They're just being themselves and are naturally more masculine. It's just more acceptable now. Guys don't do it because they would get judged for it and it's not as acceptable for guys to be seen as feminine.

    So yes it is a double standard.

    • why isn't it as acceptable?

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    • me, who?

    • im saying you're the troll, you tend to troll


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  • Whats a real woman and what's a real man. A guy has a Dick and females have a vagina. Or a female is one to stay at home traditionally while the man brings home the bacon, so to speak. Or as in women always wearing dresses and men always wearing suits. Men are men and women are women, let's leave it at that.


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  • Hahahahahahaha hhhahahahahaha. Double standard indeed. When call women out on there bullshit they say " not all girls are like that." Or " I feel sorry for your girl friend." Or " your just bitter." Never once you hear. " your wrong and here's why." Or " well your right for the most part." Nope, just " your stupid, bitter, angry, against equality, women hater." And they wonder why they are useful for 1 thing.

  • I'm sure there are people that want men to be men and women to be women;