Why am I such a bitch on the phone?

I'm really outgoing and kind to people in person, and I have many friends, but on the phone, I'm a completely different person.

If someone calls me and I say hello, and I don't get a response within 2 seconds, I just hangup. There are also numerous times in which people calls my number by mistake, and hangup without apologizing. So I call them back, and reprimand them until they apologize. People also told me that I sound really annoyed on the phone.

If I hear my phone ring, I immediately get annoyed. I'm just a completely different person on the phone. Why am I like this? Anyone has the same thing?


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  • I get it with the thing where if they don't respond to you within 2 seconds. It usually means it is a telemarketer. I give them a few seconds, and then if they respond and have a certain tone in their voice, I don't give them a chance and I hang up. Since I don't want to deal with telemarketers, I just hang up on them. If I accidentally hang up on a friend, they'll call back, but they'd better talk right away!!! LOL


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  • Why's your job? Mine is phone service so I hate talking on the phone and maybe you just don't like it. Hell I didn't like it before my job either I don't think you can really be yourself on the phone like they can't see your facials and you can't see there's its just a whole thing.


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  • your biatch personality emerges