Hello, I need help I bought an Art portfilio for my art class... but I don't know what size to buy?

I am only carrying 18 x 24 paper.


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  • What types of medias do you use? And what do you draw sun sets landscapes
    or figure drawings. You need a small portable one and a larger one for full presentations I'm a model if you are interested in viewing some of my poses to draw nudemalemodel an example on my avatr pic just click the pen for it to come up


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  • Go with at least 24x30 if you can carry it.

    • I think I bought that 23 X 31. But I only carrying things that are 18 by 24.

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    • I think its a good size and will keep your precious art safe and protected but go to the art store and handle it yourself if you're concerned

    • haha I know... I just feel like I am the only one in my class carrying a giant porfilio. Few of my classmates have a smaller porfilio.


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  • You already bought it but don't know what size to buy?

    • yeah I meant I bought the wrong size. I bought something too big because I was on the bus and needed a portfolio ASAP!

  • What's an Art portfolio? How important is the size? Can you ask your teacher for help?


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