Is it wrong for me to go back to school? Please share your opinions highly valued?

I was at school doing normal. I finished 2 years of Business school with above-average grades (high B+).

However I took 2 years off. That completely broke me. I came back and barely passed some of my courses in my third year of school. I did well in fourth year, but still saw a decline in some of my grades. It keeps me up at night sometimes, me thinking how I've done.

I would really like to take some courses part-time. I got permission to do that, but it makes me wary mostly because of what people will think, whether it's normal etc. I wanted to take the courses I knew I was weak in after I came back so I can build on them. Am I nuts?


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  • I don't see any problem with it whatsoever. In my country Switzerland (and in some other European countries like Germany for example), it's normal for people of any age to attend university. In fact, I study at the biggest university of my country and we have lots of retired seniors who pursue a BA or an MA too. Especially majors from the field of liberal arts are very popular among people in their 60s and 70s. I understand that in the US this is less common but personally, I think it's really cool (and kinda cute) that many elderly Swiss people are still interested in going back to Uni and learning more about the world. And it's not just retired people. My dad didn't have the chance to pursue a Master's degree when he was young because he became a dad at a very young age. So now that he's in his 50s, he's been getting his MA in computer science for the past 2 years in a special evening university for people who have a normal job during the daytime. He did that partially for fun but also for his own job security. I think it's really cool he did that. You're never too old to learn more and educate yourself more, no matter if you're 30 or 40 or 90. What counts is that you're interested in the subject and that you're having fun.
    If anyone thinks that's weird, just ignore them cuz THEY are being weird.


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  • Nah, you're fine :) If you wanted to take two years off, that's fine. You're back in school and it's not weird. You're good :)

    • I finished my degree. However I'm going back for a few courses and I wonder if that's weird

    • Oh, no not at all. People do that all the time :)


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  • I'm 22 and going to university. Start next week. Not sure where you live but in the UK it's more common then people think at our age to go back into education. So much so they no longer call under 25s "mature students" because the numbers were getting too high.

    I really wouldn't worry about being too old.

  • No, keep taking courses and finish the degree, I would suggest using ratemyprofessor. com and picking out the easy teachers as much as possible.

    • I finished the degree but I was talking about taking courses after I'm done.

      I'm not sure how that will be looked at

  • No, you're not nuts. But why are you worried about what other people think? Who cares? As long as you are doing what's best for you, it shouldn't matter.


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