Girls, Would you consider it acceptable to kick a girl back in the crotch?

If a girl kicked me in the nuts, would you think it would be right to kick her back?


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  • If she kicked you first, sure, if you feel the need.

    Although, to be fair, I expected this question to be from someone around high school age.
    What's so wrong with acting like adults?

    • Cause being a kid is better =]

    • *sigh* I miss being a kid!

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  • I think it'd be selfish and bad of you

    • How selfish? She would do it first...

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    • Psh, if a chick can throw a punch, she can take a punch. And anyway, it probably wouldn't even hurt her that bad. That is if I would even be able to stand and even attack back. It hurts a guy so bad it's like being paralyzed on the ground -.-

    • I wouldn't punch a girl if I was you tho but you go ahead

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind