Ok, does anyone know any affordable school in japan?

I want to become an animator but anime. And I am prepared to culture shock just to achieve my dream.


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  • There are many schools maybe that is called academy in English.
    You can ask consultant there.
    Maybe there are something like scholarship for foreigners.
    Some are equal their salary but you just can spend within their country.
    It is no different in economic so dont be shame to take it.


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  • Can't help you with that one


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  • Japan is expensive, and you'd need a pretty good knowledge of Japanese in the anime field... that would be the problem. Maybe go there to teach English and learn Japanese for a couple of years?

    • I know. But I really want to learn anime not cartoon things that America doesn't offer. But I don't know if I dream to big.

    • As I said, go there and learn Japanese for at least a couple of years. And remember, while you could learn a lot, the competition there in the anime field must be fierce!

  • Unless you've tried Google already, I haven't the slightest... 😕
    I can only assume you've drawn anime pics? Can I see some? 😀

  • None they are ultra smart and its expensive.


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  • I have known a loooooot of people who said they wanted to do exactly this and exactly none of them have gotten into it.

    You're better off going to an art school here and getting work in America. The pay and treatment will definitely be better here than they will over and you have a diverse audience open to commissions if you need to do freelance.

    Really though you need to have a BIG plan B for when things don't go your way. Because they statistically won't.

    • so you suggest go to a school in the usa... I just don't think there any that teach what I want. I want to learn japanese style anime.

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    • Its not the same ):

    • Drawing is drawing is drawing whether it's on paper or digitally. No school is going to teach you only one director's style because it would be stupid. How would you be marketable? How would you be able to find a job when that show is over?