Should my mom message the old owner of the car she brought?

So my mom got a car from a guy 2 and half months ago.. which she hasn't gotta a chance to drive at all for the last 2 months till 2 weeks ago. The car has broken down a total of 3 times over heating or just shuting of and not driving. when we got the car from the guy he said he fixed everything himself and promise it wouldn't broke down a few months later after drive it really becuase he needs to survice the transmission and 1 other thing need to be done.. which he said he would for free. Like i said the car wasn't drive at all for 2 months but when my mom did drive it she annoyed what he said and didn't it down to him to be survicee. She was too ashamed to bring it down since she was locked up for the last 2 months over something her ex boyfriend did.. i kept telling my mon to bring it down someone to get it check out but she never did. So now she blames me for buying a shit car but this was 1 of 5 vans i find for my mom but she choice this one didn't even met with any of the other people i speak too or had the car checked out before buying it. what Should we do? the car is a 1997 fordwinstar?


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  • Get it fixed. Pay the cost of repairs. Unless the seller wrote a guarantee or warranted in the sales contract, you have no recourse with him.

    • He look at it last week said he fixed it then broken down today. We wanted to ask him what the problem could be so we can fix it

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  • Definitely if he said he would fix anything for a few months after, she should contact him regardless of what happened to her

    • He said it won't broke down in 2 or 4 months from now that's what he said.

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  • Cars from street people are pretty much buy at your own risk. Which sucks, but that's the way it goes.


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  • Speak English or die.
    Also, when you buy a car through a private sale, you're risking it all. The guy won't help you, let alone reply to you.

  • Definitely don't contact the previous owner unless you want to get laughed at.