Is this lady being rude? Is there a point to contacting her?

I contacted this lady regarding taking courses at school (I already finished my degree). She was pretty rude over the phone, implying I was trying to take it for free.

I was hurt but didn't react. I sent her office an email, it's been 3 days no response (I'm aware they usually respond in a day). Now I know I am a 'done' student so they will not be as polite to me.

I don't want her to say or do something that will make me feel disrespected, it's not worth it. I am wondering if I should just give up or send her one last polite email about what happened.

2mo I am NOT good with dealing with people. Everything always seems like my fault when it's not. Hence I'm being careful


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  • She is being very rude

  • She is being quite rude