How do I inprove my body image and self esteem?

I have a terrible idea of myself. I hate who i am. I never feel attractive i feel like a waste of space and have contemplated suicide before. How do i learn self love?


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  • I think we are all trying to learn self love. I think the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others, whether it be looks, personality, or how much it seems like they love themselves. Nothing is as it seems, and I find in my experience, being envious of others causes me to not like what I have. It makes me sad that you feel that way about yourself. I'm no expert, but accepting yourself for who you are, and accepting that it is okay that you are not like someone else, or someone's expectations, is the best thing you can do for now. Best of luck to you. <3


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  • I quit looking in mirrors. That has helped me a lot. As far as suicide just be patient and wait, you will die in about 6-7 decades anyway. Though I'm ahead of you by a few decades. Damn, I guess it does suck more to be you when I'm already half done.