Is "Fall" another word for "Autumn" or does it mean something a little more extended?

Like from the star of September to the New Year's Eve.


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  • The season we call "Fall" @Giacomanzo, was once Referred to simply as "Harvest" to reflect the time when farmers gathered their crops for winter Storage, roughly between August and November. Astronomically, the season lasts between the end of September until December, between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.
    The word "Fall" comes from the the Old English word Feallan, which means to "Fall or to Die." Over time, it was then Shortened to "Fall."
    The word "Autumn" was used back in the 1300's by Chaucer, and Shakespeare himself used it a lot in Midsummer's Night Dream when one of the Characters describes the Cycle of the Year.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • Thanks very explanatory answer ^^
      I was confused because when I started learning English in 3rd grade it was referred to us as "Autumn", and being very similar to my word for it it seemed legit; just naturally, when I started hearing about this "Fall" I thought it was some kind of Television slang or something.

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    • Thanks to you for giving me such a precise answer ^^

    • You are most welcome. I guess even mas master, I can learn something as well. xxoo


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  • I remember being very confused by the Star Wars Episode III trailer when it said that it was coming out "Fall 2005". I thought it was one of those artsy slogans, like they were saying "FALL TO THE DARK SIDE IN 2005!"

  • they are the same

  • I always thought they were the same

  • Morse code again gag?