Is it unattractive to like a bargain?

Is being a thrifty person unattractive? I like a bargain, if I need to buy something I will shop around to get the best product to money ratio. I won't buy something for the sake of it or if I can buy it cheaper elsewhere. The only time I will spend money is on someone's birthday, it might be a bottle of vintage champagne or a some gifts tailored to that person. Any other time I like to save. Is it unattractive?


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  • Depends upon the person in question.
    For me definitely not and the opposite is true for me. I don't like girls who carelessly spend money.
    Then there are those who take it as a pride issue "I have money, i have to show the whole world that I do" or that's what I think they think like :)

    • What do you think of this- I bought a bicycle (same price as a first car) because It's healthier to cycle, is a one off cost unlike a car (that's the starting cost) and am able to get around the town where I live faster than any car. Is it a turn off that at this point in the my life I have no need to cycle and could save the money for better use? I usually cycle 75-100 miles a week.

    • *no need to drive

    • the above still doesn't make you unattractive... and I'd rather find it cute.. you know a cute girl riding a bicycle is cuter and ya

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  • No, that's a smart girl right there.


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  • In the US, it can be. In a place like an old man's antique shop that he has been running for 50 years and drinks beer and watches old soap-opera in the front window, then it is usually fine.

    It is more common in Africa and the East.


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  • Definitely not. Shopping and conserving money is the best way and being thrifty does not make you or your personality unattractive. I mean, why should it?

  • No, why would it be?

    • You could say I'm being cheap. I don't collect coupons or anything, but I will shop around for the best deal

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    • Thanks. Would it be unattractive to a guy?

    • Dont know, im not a dude