Black under eyes? Help:/?

Lol I don't know if I should be asking this here but what the heck, I have these black circles under my eyes they are so noticeable and making me look bad does any one know any tips to get rid of them?:/ like fast


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  • Get some sleep. Stop being punched. Stop doing drugs. Drop applying bad makeup.

    Lol it's one of those four so deal with it

    • Lol I don't apply makeup I don't get into gang fights and I don't do drugs so yea I guess the first one,

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    • It might be like dying or weak cells. I wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't necessarily make people ugly

    • It makes me look less pretty. Lol maybe that's just me.

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  • Lemons tend to bleach skin subtlety but I imagine it's dangerous near the eye area so don't try that lol. But I heard tea bags work. Make a cup of tea and when the bag has cooled down enough not to burn, lay it under your eyes


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  • Sunglasses. Other than that it's usually from lack of sleep so sleep more. That's the reason it's called beauty rest.


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  • You can try a thick concealer that is close to your skin-tone. If you don't like makeup, then I prefer to try getting some more rest and maybe some try-at-home remedies to help it.