Why are so many people opposed to enhancing humans?

I care more about enhancing full grown humans rather than embriose. Id like to be stronger smarter and healthier and I would take on a small risk at third stage gene editing for the right human trial possible earlier if i was in a bad situation health wise or new it was very low risk and some people would even at a first stage.
I know a type of gene editing that isn't passed on has helped already reduce fluid in the lungs by removing a faulty gene and could do much more. chips implanted in the brain connected to cameras have restore sight to blind people. There is so much potential I think its worth letting people take the risks as long as there well informed. If they work consistently on animals and have the desired effect on human cells in a lab then the risk is minimised even at first stage.

2mo I'm many generations British and naturally a sort of orangery very light brown very few people are paper white and most people don't want to be that light hence people tanning.
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  • I have no objections to this type of research but I am not sure about endangering foetuses if I read your question rightly.

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      It's improvements that i could potentially use in the future i'm interested in not designer babies. Changing my genes to get stronger smarter and live in reasonable health well into my hundreds.

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      I get your point you favour the more medical research, I would agree

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      Thanks for MHO

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  • I dunno but I wouldn't mind being like Adam Jensen in the Deus Ex video games. He's awesome. Inspired me to create one of my first gifs ever.

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      I would be more interested in healing super intelligence and strength rather than lightning bolts but that dose look cool.

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      definitely I think longevity would be closely related to healing and once you had longevity you may want to make your self harder to kill as well.

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      Well "harder to kill" is a bit hard to define since you could die from just about anything, even when you can live practically forever, provided nothing kills you on the way.

  • Because of the danger and the possibility of experiments getting out of hand. A super intelligent, strong and self healing human in the wrong hands could end the world. There are thousands of reasons against.

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      Only a super intelligent human could and that would still be with a lot of help.
      1000s of them in control of themselves would be a benefit to them the economy and the people close to them.

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      Also we wouldn't be like super heros possibly we would be breaking world records but we wouldn't be all powerful.