How to start if you have to teach someone a language?

So I have to teach my 8 year old cousin the English language. Where do I start? He knows the alphabet. He's not expected to be very fluent as of yet but can anyone help me with where to start and shit?


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  • Alphabet is good start - Get early reading books with letter associations - A is for apple, B is for boy etc when he gets a few words - Start having conversations with him and be pointing out objects all the time giving them their English name - Build up his vocabulary - Then try and incorporate English more and more into your conversation


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  • Go for kindergarten-level books which are very colourful with lots of pictures but have one-two word sentences. Only buy/download about 5 of these. Once he is familiar with simple words like cat, dog, house, sky, apple, etc. then progress onto prep-style books which have longer sentences and use more words. Also, flash cards are good to help someone learn a language. Also, watch English language information films or children's films. Make sure he keeps a scrapbook of words he recognises so that he can either write them down or cut them out of various magazines and papers - don't cut out of books.