What do you think about when you think of New Jersey?

Given it is my namesake, I thought I would ask.


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  • I hate what Jersey Shore did to NJ "stereotype". We are not a bunch of fist pumping guidos and most on the show aren't even FROM Jersey!!! Hence the heavy New York accents...



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  • Used to work for a call center that did a lot of business and support in NJ. I had a guy call from Jersey once and threaten to kick my ass when I was trying to help him get his shit working again.

    It was the beginning of my shift, I told him that I live in Columbus, I'm working late to make up time, and if he starts driving now he can meet me at the call center I'm working out of in 8.5 hours when I get out... Kid shut up, we got his service working, and had pleasant goodbyes.

    Thats pretty much what I think of NJ in a nutshell.


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