Is it fair to assume a guy isn't interested only based on the fact that I dont catch him looking at me?

is it to early to assume a guy isn't interested in me based on the fact that I dont catch him looking at me?

I dont know this person, but we live in the same area and we go to the same gym so I see hm quite regulary. I think he is cute, but Im assuming he isn't interested in me, hence me not to trying to get to know him, because I haven't caught him looking at me

The two or three times we have gotten eyecontact he looks away straight away.



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  • If you catch a guy that you like, and he is not looking at you, means literally nothing about what he thinks of you. The supermajority of guys will stare at a girl for as longs they can without getting catch by either or the girl he's staring at, or other people. As a cardinal rule that guys live by, never make eye contact with the girl you're lusting over, as she may find it awkward and weird. Try go talking to him, he may be thinking the same exact thing you are.

    • Really? I though that catching a guy looking at you was the universal sign of interest

  • Next time you have eye contact smile and say hi, see what he does.


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  • Yes it is safe to assume that