Is it true it's not always the smartest of people who get ahead in life?

In University for example, there could be someone who is an A+ business graduate, but if they didn't do an internship or work within 1 year of graduating, I think they wouldn't be eligible for most jobs.

Why is the system like this I have no idea.


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  • My brother has a higher intelligence than 98% of the population and currently owes over $100,000 in student loans.
    He is currently unemployed.

    It is the most cutthroat, vicious, morally bankrupt people who rise to the top in a capitalist society.
    The 'little dick' Donald didn't get where he is because he gave a shit about the rest of us.
    He has 3600 lawsuits facing him. And now he has been caught using donations from supporters to pay for them. That shit dosen't happen to people who are innocent and should be the president.


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  • Because if you don't have people skills it doesn't get you anywhere. It's all about who you know

    • Is it really? I mean it's not fair to those people who've worked SO hard to get those kind of grades to just dismiss them saying they're not smart enough to talk to people/network etc.

      I mean... i think it's more about acting on time. Liek if you're the smartest person im the world but you're just sitting there, no one's really going to know that you're that smart

    • For example.. I did my undergrad with a whole bunch of students that were biocjem majors like me applying to med school:
      1 of them focused on school when he had to, got good grades, played soccer and got into ever medical school he applied to

      The other was a female that played soccer, devoted her life to school and didn't have a social life. She didn't get one interview.

      It's def all about who you know.


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  • I think drive, social skills, and networking matter more than just raw intelligence.

    • However, it IS true that the knowledge you gain about a profession especially is through school.

      I mean if there is someone who simply sucks at something, no matter how much social skills they have... they suck at it.

      I know TONNES of people who graduated with good grades out of University and they can't find jobs, and then there are people who had to repeat courses etc. who are doing fine.

  • well the concept you're talking about is so broad that you can be both right and wrong.

    If I had to say only one word for being successful it would be contacts

  • absolutely. look at Trump.

  • It's not grades only that determine your successes in life. You need to learn to apply your knowledge. You need wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.

  • with respect to getting ahead, emotional iq is probably more important than iq.


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