I'm losing interest in all of my hobbies?

I've noticed over the course of five years or so that I've started slowly losing interest and dropping off hobbies that I used to thoroughly enjoy. It seems to be a pattern of suddenly losing confidence in myself and convincing myself I'm not good enough, and then eventually losing all interest until I can't stand the hobbies anymore. For example, hobbies I've had and that I really enjoyed for a lot of years are; horseback riding, playing the violin, drawing, and writing. Playing the violin was the first thing to go, closely followed by drawing. I just decided one day that I sucked at drawing and quit doing it except for maybe drawing simple designs here and there, and with the violin, it seems like a light switch just shut off overnight and I became burned out on it. I don't even know exactly what happened there, but I lost all of my confidence with it and eventually hated it. I haven't played it in 4 years. I've almost lost every bit of interest for horseback riding now too, and am convinced I am a terrible rider and shouldn't even try at it anymore. Now, the last hobby that I really enjoy and that has always helped me express myself, which is writing, is starting to slip away too. I hate all of my writings and am losing motivation to do that anymore too. It seems that everything that I've really been interested in and devoted a lot of time to is suddenly unappealing to me and I'm rapidly losing interest in everything. I don't think this is normal and I want to be able to enjoy those things again like I did before, because I REALLY enjoyed them. I used to not be concerned at all with how good I was at them, but suddenly I worry about it. Please help!


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  • I think you should look into therapy. It sounds like you're self-destructing.


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  • you might have mild depression