Should I get an xbox one?

There are some exclusive xbox games i want to play and fallout 4 has mods on Xbox while PlayStation will never get them. I've been with PlayStation my entire life, so i dont know muvh about xbox. Should i get one? Also do you think 235 euros is a good price?
One last thing, i know you have to pay to play online. But can i download fallout 4 mods without paying for online multiplayer?


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  • All I know is that PS4's are better lmao

    • Thats what i thought. But I've been kinda disappointed with PlayStation recently.

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    • Do you know what kind of pc's they have?

    • Nope, sorry, I didn't pay attention when they started talking the type and spec haha.
      Besides I think it might be a tad different to the Netherlands, I'm in Australia.

What Guys Said 2

  • Bo you should just get a decent computer

    • I thoought about that. Seems way too complicated though. And way too expensive

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    • @DooMguy well i really dont know what the f im looking for. Just a pc that can run fallout 4 with tons of mods. If im supposed to build it myself, chances are my new pc would be broken forever. I can't do it. Never had a pc before and now i need to build one? Never gonna work i tell ya

    • @ raymond fine, fine, no PC building for you, I can't really give you any recommendations (different country and all that), only advice

      You might want to look at getting a steam machine/steam box then

  • Yes get an Xbox One S