Should I put my baby in modeling?

Should i put my baby in modeling?
The reason i want to and i think she should is so she grows up and KNOWS she is beautiful. I never got that chance. I was bullied really badly and i had to find myself and fight to have better self esteem i was so damaged. Obviously im going to teach her life isn't always about looks its also about having a good heart, being kind, intelligence and academics matter, and im going to teach her the importance of abstinence and the value of marriage... But should i put her in baby modeling? she's half black, a quarter mexican, a tiny bit of indian and the rest european...

She looks like me 😁


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  • In my opinion, parents who put their kids in modeling are exploiting them. I also think in most cases the parents are doing it for themselves, not for the best interests of their child.


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  • No, I feel like you should let kids be kids. If she's interested in modeling when she's older just be supportive. She will have confidence and stand up for herself if you teach her. My father was very strong minded and taught my siblings and I to love ourselves and stand up for what we believe in.


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