My gym class is giving me anxiety help me?

I'm not very coordinated or good at sports, the other day my classmates were even laughing at me because how bad I am. Not only that, but this guy who i heard is dangerous is friends with 2 other guys in that class who give me anxiety, none of my friends or anyone who i somewhat talk to are in that class either and i'm the only one in there with no one to talk to, what do i do? i get no break from it i have it EVERY school day


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  • Everyone has that one class or that one situation that makes them uncomfortable especially in high school. This is part of life and something you just have to deal. To be honest with you and I totally understand but you're probably making it a bigger deal in your head that it is. You will get through it and it will build your character. Believe me high school goes by in a flash and after that none of the stuff matters.


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  • How many times have you posted this question, OP?
    You should really talk to someone...