Why do I get drawn into girls so easily?

It seems like as soon as I find a girl who likes me, I want to talk to her regularly, hang out with her, etc. And then I get so disappointed after they leave. I recently had a girl who I had only been talking to for a week and a half and I found out she slept with a good friend of mine and it still tears me in half to think about it. I don't understand.


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  • I'm sorry dude, but some people (me included) wear their hearts on their sleeves. It certainly doesn't make you bad or too nice, but sometimes we just get hurt. But don't expend so much energy on this person. You will find a girl who truly appreciates how wonderful you truly are, just dont give up and look in the right places.


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  • Some poeple just fall into and out of love real fast. When I like a girl and then quickly stop liking her. I'm glad that it hurts less and is over fast. Cause you don't fall too deeply in love. Your just a guy that has a heart that is looking for love keep looking. You will find a girl for you.

  • Start with hating woman, then you will come around.