Which Turkish politician is more succesfull?

which one is more succesfull?

  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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  • They are equally terrible?

    • Erdogan is islamist.

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    • @Jxpxtxr I know what means genocide, what I said was ''We didn't make genocide on Armenians'' there was a conflict like that and there were casualties. But it wasn't 1.5 million
      and it wasn't organized by Ottoman government lmao. On 1915 we were already having bad and hard times, our soldiers were fighting against Allied Powers at Arabian Peninsula, they were fighting at Gallipoli, Gallichia,
      Persian borders, Caucasus and at the same time dealing with rebellions happening in Anatolia. Those rebels were attacking to Turkish villages and killing people there cause these lands we have were guarenteed by Woodrow Wilson so Armenians always had something like creating Greater Armenia, which they failed lol.
      So they attacked our villages and our people did the same, our citizens attacked their villages like they did and both sides killed eachother. Later that Ottoman government decided to force Armenians into migration so we made them use our trains ( which Germans/our WW1 allies made )

    • @Jxpxtxr While they were migrating into Middle East, Germans wanted from our government to make Armenians leave from the trains and let German soldiers use that to fight against British.
      So we led them do that and we made Armenians migrate on feet that time. During this migration a lot of them died cause of sicknesses, diseases and other issues. I'd give more informations over PMs but its long thing to be discussed.

      And another thing, do you know why Europe is accepting that ''Armenian Genocide'' today? Cause they want others to forget what they did to people they enslaved and exploited their goods/values for centruies. It was first Germans who made massacres in Human history. Germans made genocide on African tribe named Herero and Nama, they killed like thousands of them and destroyed their race. Today world is forcing us to accept that shit without having knowledge cause they don't want to face with realities. Our government say opening up archives for years but nobody cares it lol.

  • erdogan is better