My friend's dad seems too nice to me?

He and his dad gave me a ride home and on the ride home I told him I wasn't allowed to walk by myself he told me "a pretty girl like you shouldn't be out at night" and another weird thing he did was give me a high five and he said I was a pretty girl beforw



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  • Because the world is more dangerous for pretty girls than other people.


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  • Maybe he's just taking a common interest in who his kid Is around... or maybe he's weird... talk to you friend or a school therapist about it or your parents... a gut instinct is usually right, if your uncomfortable then you need to talk to a adult

    • Wouldn't it be easier just to avoid being alone around him?

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    • @zagor yeah I have, but its better to safe then sorry... and if a person that is trusted is approached on this matter then appropriate action will be taken appropriately... not by just running the neighborhood over with chickens cluckin over tea... and its not a matter of rumors this involves someone under 18 and a adult... nobody should ever have to feel awkward around any adult

    • Let's see, he said "a pretty girl like you shouldn't be out at night", which might be weird - if he was a complete stranger walking up to her on the street at night. While giving her a ride home, and not doing anything otherwise weird, not so much. And he told her she was pretty before. And he gave her a high five. I'm sorry but I'm not exactly getting Ted Bundy vibes from this.

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  • Dads are sometimes er... interested in their son's friends. They live vicariously through their sons. I sincerely doubt it means anything or that you're in any danger at all. Just kind of a weird offhand comment. He was probably just trying to give you a compliment and did it in a weird way.

    • I guess so

    • It just made me feel really uncomfortable

    • I can see that, but I sincerely doubt he had bad intentions

  • I don't think any of those things you mentioned are cause for alarm. Write again if he cops a feel or something.


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  • I doubt he has bad intentions. My mates dad greets me by saying "oh hello there beautiful girl" and I see him as a father figure so, it's nothing bad.