Laptop keyboard doesn't work anymore, is this what I need (see picture) (urgent) ?


So I need to replace my keyboard because I spilled water on it... I uploaded a picture here of a keyboard that I'm going to order tomorrow (if it's ok). I have an Asus N76 serie (I also uploaded a picture of it here).
My question is will it fit and does anybody know how or have a good link that shows how you can put it? I'm a little sceptical that it will be okay, cause some companys sell it with that gray cover + the keyboard part.

Please help me, it's very urgent
Laptop keyboard doesn't work anymore, is this what I need (see picture) (urgent) ?


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  • I repair laptops as a side job, and I've replaced plenty of laptop keyboards. It looks to me like the pictured keyboard is correct, and since they've listed it as for this model, I'm sure it's exactly the right one.

    Check YouTube and Google Search for pages about the disassembly and/or keyboard replacement for this model - most laptops will have a couple of videos or repair websites with photos that explain exactly the steps needed to replace the keyboard - and for most computers, you only need a #1 (and maybe a #0) Philips screwdriver to take them apart. It's not that difficult to do - just make sure you keep the screws separate and note where each one comes from, because there will be different sizes in some places and you'll need to get the right ones back in the right places.

    One trick is to take a blank piece of paper, draw boxes on it like a big tic-tac-toe, and then number the boxes. Put the screws from Step 1 in the #1 box, the screws from Step 2 in the #2 box, and so on (and don't bump the paper or mix them up), and then you'll know which screws go where when reassembling.


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  • Looks like it'll work, but as a temporary measure you could use a USB keyboard if you needed to. I use that with my laptop anyway.

  • If wherever you are ordering the keyboard from says it's compatible with your exact model or series you should be OK. Good luck replacing it though. The ones that have to go under the frame like that mean you have to take most of the laptop apart.

  • Is that a replacement for a laptop then?

    • Yes it says so and it says that it's avaible for an Asus laptop N76 serie

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    • I just want to be sure that it can't or it can and why

    • If the electric contacts have corrosion what you purchase, even with the gray part, will not work as the part that needs replacement is the electronic one. If you want to be certain to have a keyboard on that PC, purchase a desktop keyboard. Or try to clean the corrosion, you might not even need to buy anything in this case.

  • Buy a keyboard at the store and connect it to your laptop

    • Not handy, I need to bring it always to school and I already need to carry so much (architecture student...)

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