This is more for cheerleaders but, it can also supposedly be for women who wear shorter skirts?

when you're lifting your leg for whatever stunt you're about to do, or even for jumping, we can obviously see that you're wearing spanx, since that's what cheerleaders wear for underwear. my question then is, what would be the point of a skirt in cheer? i mean, we know what kind of underwear you have on, anddd it's not even "showy" underwear, if you know what i mean. why wear the skirt, since it's a short skirt?


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  • I'm pretty sure it's just used as a kind of uniform, since it's tradition to have skirts for cheerleading, so yeah it's for visuals. Some cheerleaders still have longer skirts than others, not all of them have short skirts.


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  • A lot of them don't wear anything under the skirt.
    If that the answer you really want to hear.